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Why Choose Us?

We have been building effective and modern websites for over 18 years and have now started to build for ourselves. From blood testing, to classifieds, to bed and breakfast accommodation sites.

Our Advantages

All our websites include simple html5 and CSS3 to make sure we are extremely browser and device compliant. All sites are "Responsive" to the device being used to view them

No tricks, no gimmicks - just simple, workable, readable websites and apps

The old adage couldn't be more true for today's websites - no more flash , no more black hat techniques, just plain old simple content.


  • These guys know what they are doing - top notch and first class!

    John K CEO
  • I learned a lot by following the Webartemis principles

    Jeremy R Designer

“WEBARTeMiS HAS todays answers to tomorrows questions”


At Webartemis, we try to make sure our websites and apps are easy to use and users know what they are supposed to do on the site. For example, on our RV classified ads site,, we make it easy to list your RV for sale or buy a new one!

All our sites are Responsive Design and compliant with all browsers and devices. We will do custom design & app development for clients however, our main focus is the promotion of our own websites including classifieds, catalogs, rating sites, social networking, etc.

Web Design

The main focus of website design today is to keep it simple and easy to use. Don't make it complicated for someone to do what you want them to do on your site.

App Development

We don't get bogged down in the development of a program or app, we just make it as simple as we can. Never assume people are going to know what to do on your website or app.

Custom Creative

Custom creative doesn't mean the brightest and boldest - some of the best pieces of music have silence in them - don't fill up every space with sound - leave some breathing room!

About Us

Webartemis is a collective of over 30 years experience in the medical industry and over 60 years experience of life, technology, music and common sense.

By combining our experiences we have created a formula for effective web design and app development. We have over 500 premier domains to use, and we intend to create beautiful, functional and useful websites and apps

Our Skills

App Development
Web Design

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